Cosmetic dentistry in Derby

At Dove Dental Care in Derby, cosmetic dentistry is one of our key areas of treatment. We offer teeth straightening, whitening, veneers and inlays, as well as white fillings to make your smile appear attractive and healthy-looking. If you have teeth which appear uneven, yellowed or chipped within your smile line, Dove Dental Care can help to restore your natural smile. We use invisible orthodontics techniques to straighten crooked teeth, which allows the patient to feel less impact on their appearance during treatment than traditional metal braces.

cosmetic-dentistry-in-derbyHistorical works on dentistry

In the 16th century, a physician named Andreas Vesalius wrote about human anatomy and dentistry. He compared molars to the commonly used millstones for grinding grain. However, he thought that teeth could grow at any time of life. Pliny the Elder also recounts some early Classical superstitions and remedies for toothache: a tooth extracted from a living mole and worn as an amulet was one example. Another was to mix the ash with cyprus oil and drop it into the ear. During an expedition in Phoenicia, at the old necropolis of Sidon, an early explorer found a set of teeth wired together, including two artificial teeth, an ancient example of bridgework.

Can cosmetic dentistry help me?

Fortunately, at Dove Dental Care in Derby, cosmetic dentistry is informed by the latest in modern technology. The Invisalign system for straightening teeth is designed to gently move adult teeth into a more appropriate position, without the need for highly visible braces. This procedure is ideally suited for those patients who have a public-facing occupation. Also available at our practice for cosmetic dentistry in Derby, is a safe and effective replacement treatment for metal fillings with white fillings, which can improve your visual appearance and self-confidence. To find out more about these cosmetic dental treatments, please call for an appointment or complete the online enquiry form on our website. Our professional and friendly team will be happy to guide you through the options and advise you on any questions you may have.