Dental implants: how they can change your life

Dental implants have been revolutionising the lives of people who have lost their natural teeth. Dove Dental Care in Derby offers implant solutions to replace anything from one to all of your teeth that gives you back a natural appearance and function.

dental-implants-derbyThe key difference between dental implants and standard dentures or dental bridges is that implants act as substitutes for the natural tooth roots. The tooth roots are important not just to keeping your teeth stable and secure, but also to keeping your jaw bone strong and healthy.

When the natural tooth roots are missing for any considerable time period, the jaw bone starts to resorb or shrink, which makes traditional dentures loose and unwieldy. Dental implants prevent this from happening because they sit directly in the jaw bone – just like natural roots – and continue to stimulate said bone to keep it healthy, strong, and dense.

Dove Dental Care in Derby offers dental implants treatment under both local anaesthetic and conscious sedation. Implant placement does require a small operation, but because this is intricately planned beforehand by your dentist to avoid any nerves whilst placing your dental implants in the optimum location to support your new teeth, most people can cope with this treatment using local anaesthesia.

Conscious sedation is a good option if dental phobia has contributed to your tooth loss. Whilst you won’t be asleep as you would be with general anaesthetic, you will be relaxed, peaceful, and most importantly free from any pain. The majority of patients who opt for dental implant placement under sedation remember very little about the procedure once the sedatives have worn off.

Derby dental implants options

At our Derby dental practice dental implants can be used in conjunction with dentures, bridgework, or single crowns, depending on your clinical need – the number of teeth that need to be replaced.

As soon as the dental implants are in position they start to integrate with the jaw bone. This process takes about six months to complete, during which time you may have temporary teeth fitted. After healing is complete, your Derby dentist will attach permanent teeth.