Dove Dental – The place to go for cosmetic dentistry in Derby

Why are we known as the place to go for cosmetic dentistry in Derby? Our patients tell us that we are professional and positive, and that we treat them with respect, care and dignity. We also have reputation for putting our patients totally at ease, so that even the most dental-phobic of patients can enjoy visits with us, especially since we have created a state of the art practice with a relaxing environment and friendly reception team.

cosmetic-dentistry-derbyWe also like to explain things clearly in a no-nonsense way, so that you fully understand the treatment plan you undertake, without the jargon. We are efficient but yet we never rush our care and we are happy to answer any questions that patients have about their chosen cosmetic treatments so that they feel reassured and seen. Patients often remark that we are both professional and thorough as well as warm and inviting.

What can I expect from my cosmetic dentistry?

We have a range of cosmetic treatments available in our practice in Derby. Cosmetic dentistry covers a broad range of treatments that focus primarily upon the aesthetic element of your smile, but can also have some great side effects too.

For example, you may want a straighter smile and choose an orthodontic system, but did you know that this treatment can also improve your overall mouth health by making your teeth less tight/wonky and therefore easier to clean?

Did you know that treatments like veneers can remove the discoloration but also any light surface decay can be removed and a new surface placed on top with very strong glue that can make your veneer last for many years to come?

Did you know that some dental implant treatments can also help protect your other teeth and your gums against further decay and damage?

If you have any more questions about cosmetic dentistry in Derby, you can contact us. If you come for a consultation at our practice you will have the chance to explore all aspects of your treatment and find out what the outcome is that you want to achieve and how best to get there.