Fulfill your smile potential

Are you happy with your smile? Here at Dove Dental in Derby, cosmetic dentistry is something we believe should be open to everybody – everyone should be able to have access to their smile potential.

cosmetic-dentistry-derbySo what is your smile potential? Most people have something they would like to change about their teeth, from having small tweaks to a full mouth makeover. There is nothing more glamorous then a big, bright, straight and healthy Hollywood style smile, and we would like to help you achieve that.

In Derby, cosmetic dentistry comes in several forms, each of which can be life-changing in the way they affect your confidence.

Crooked teeth?

Do have crooked or misaligned teeth? A lot of people have an overbite, under bite or cross bite, protruding teeth or large gaps that they would prefer to be straight. We have several teeth straightening options available for you. We have invisible aligners, removable, customised options or those that work over a shorter period of time.

Missing teeth?

If you suffer from a missing tooth or teeth, you will be aware of the practical problems this can cause with eating, speaking and bone tissue deterioration. We are able to provide dental implant treatments, which provide a strong artificial root upon which we can attach replacement teeth that function as well as natural teeth – or better!

Discoloured teeth?

Teeth whitening is one of our most popular treatments. We fit you with customised trays to fit both your upper and lower teeth at our dental practice and you administer the treatment at home, either overnight or at a time that would be most convenient for your lifestyle. The results is a brighter, whiter but completely natural looking smile.


In Derby, cosmetic dentistry is not available cheaply (and you should be suspicious if it is!), but we understand that the finance side puts a lot of people off. We are able to help you spread the cost with our various in-house finance plans, starting from 0% interest depending on your circumstances.

If you would like further information on cosmetic dentistry in Derby, contact Dove Dental today to book an appointment.