Options to replace a missing tooth

There are a few options available to replace missing teeth, one option is a fixed bridge. A fixed bridge usually involves some kind of alterations to be made to the teeth surrounding it, so this is possibly not the best option available in order to preserve remaining natural teeth. Dentures are another option available to replace missing teeth. Dentures have been used as a solution to missing teeth for years, they have improved a significant amount in recent times and are more comfortable and natural looking than ever before, however they are not perfect. Dentures can still move around in the mouth and cause soreness of the gums, as well as some embarrassment if they slip around in or out of the mouth when eating, laughing, or talking so may not be the best solution for some people. in addition, dentures are not as natural looking as the third tooth replacement option- dental implants.

replace-missing-toothWhat’s so good about dental implants? Derby clinic Dove Dental Care will tell you

Dove Dental Care say that their dental implants in Derby are an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth, as unlike fixed bridges, dental implants are fixed into the jaw and in no way rely on the surrounding teeth for support, this ensures that the natural teeth in your mouth will remain undamaged. The implant will never move around or fall out of the mouth like some dentures can, this is because the titanium screw that the implant is made out of, is joined to the bone in your jaw and can only be removed by a dentist, this removes any chance of unwanted dental mishaps. Of Course, people don’t have to replace missing teeth, but if not replaced it is common for teeth that surround the area to drift into the gap which can affect a person’s ‘bite’ and can make it difficult to replace the missing tooth in the future. In addition, missing teeth can cause the cheeks to sink in and making the face look gaunt. Dental implants in Derby can prevent this from happening. Contact Dove Dental to find out more about how their Derby dental implants can help you.