10 facts About Invisalign


If you’re thinking that you would like to begin treatment to straighten crooked teeth but need a little bit more information about which treatment option is right for you then read on.

Invisalign is a tried and tested orthodontic system which now has 4 million cases to its name, it offers almost invisible orthodontics for a wide range of clinical situations. We’ve collated these 10 true facts to help you decide if Invisalign is right for you.

1.You must wear your braces.

One of the biggest reasons that Invisalign doesn’t work as intended is if you take the braces out continuously. You absolutely must wear the braces for at least 20 hours per day, only removing them to eat and clean them. The recommended daily wearing time is 22 hours and you should stick as close to this as you possibly can.

2. What will you do about drinking tea and coffee?

Tea, coffee and red wine can all stain the Invisalign braces. If you decide to drink these drinks then you will have to remove your braces and factor this in to the 20 hours each day that you must wear your braces. Also, you will need to brush your teeth before putting the braces backing, say you will have to remember to carry a toothbrush and toothpaste around with you all the time.

3. Do you carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with you at all times?

If you don’t, you will have to start if you have Invisalign braces. This will be particularly important if you decide that you want to continue with your morning coffee, afternoon tea or evening drink of red wine! Wherever you go, your toothbrush and toothpaste must go with you… Although, this is a good habit to get into any way!

4. Don’t clean your braces with toothpaste!

Toothpaste can often be a little bit too abrasive to use on Invisalign. The recommendation is that you clean your braces with a very mild detergent or so. Be particularly careful about toothpastes containing micro beads, these can lead to excessive wear on your braces which can mean they worked loose and don’t function as well as they should.

5. Be prepared for treatment to take longer than you might think.

The treatment time at estimated at the beginning is just that, an estimate. There are various factors which can influence this time that cannot be taken into account at the beginning. It’s worth mentioning again that in order to stick as close to the estimated timescale as possible you must wear your braces for at least 20 hours per day, ideally 22!

If you remove your braces and don’t wear them long enough treatment will almost certainly be longer than you expected.

6. Orthodontics is pain-free.

Whenever we move teeth there is often some slight discomfort, this is because in order to straighten your smile the teeth need to be physically moved. You will generally find that most discomfort is felt the day after you have a new aligner however this will subside after a couple of days.

7. Not everyone is suitable for Invisalign.

Invisalign is typically used for cosmetic treatments of the anterior (front) teeth. If your orthodontic problems involve back teeth or severe biting problems then you may find that Invisalign is not right for you. Many orthodontists can treat extreme biting problems far easier using conventional orthodontic systems. You will always be given all of your options prior to beginning any treatment.

8. Invisalign doesn’t involve metal.

InvisalignIf you don’t like having metal on your teeth then Invisalign is absolutely for you. Invisalign is made from a clear plastic material which blends in perfectly into your teeth. Other people will almost certainly not be able to spot that you are wearing orthodontic braces.

9. You get to see the projected result, BEFORE you start.

Invisalign comes with an amazing technique called a clean check. This is where our skilled orthodontic technicians digitise your teeth on their computer screen and then virtually move them to the new position. Prior to beginning treatment you can then see what are you will look like on a computer screen. This gives an amazing insight into the finished result prior to beginning!

10. It’s worth it, go for it!

Matthew’s Story

“I really admire the less invasive approach to teeth straightening, offered by Invisalign treatment and it was one of the reasons I opted for it. I can’t believe that something so thin has the capacity to move my teeth!”

It’s celebration time, 4 million people have now chosen Invisalign treatment to transform their smiles… Perhaps it’s time you joined them?


Dove Dental Care is a private dental practice in Derby offering a range of teeth straightening treatment including Invisalign. Request your new patient appointment here.

Cosmetic dentistry in Derby

At Dove Dental Care in Derby, cosmetic dentistry is one of our key areas of treatment. We offer teeth straightening, whitening, veneers and inlays, as well as white fillings to make your smile appear attractive and healthy-looking. If you have teeth which appear uneven, yellowed or chipped within your smile line, Dove Dental Care can help to restore your natural smile. We use invisible orthodontics techniques to straighten crooked teeth, which allows the patient to feel less impact on their appearance during treatment than traditional metal braces.

cosmetic-dentistry-in-derbyHistorical works on dentistry

In the 16th century, a physician named Andreas Vesalius wrote about human anatomy and dentistry. He compared molars to the commonly used millstones for grinding grain. However, he thought that teeth could grow at any time of life. Pliny the Elder also recounts some early Classical superstitions and remedies for toothache: a tooth extracted from a living mole and worn as an amulet was one example. Another was to mix the ash with cyprus oil and drop it into the ear. During an expedition in Phoenicia, at the old necropolis of Sidon, an early explorer found a set of teeth wired together, including two artificial teeth, an ancient example of bridgework.

Can cosmetic dentistry help me?

Fortunately, at Dove Dental Care in Derby, cosmetic dentistry is informed by the latest in modern technology. The Invisalign system for straightening teeth is designed to gently move adult teeth into a more appropriate position, without the need for highly visible braces. This procedure is ideally suited for those patients who have a public-facing occupation. Also available at our practice for cosmetic dentistry in Derby, is a safe and effective replacement treatment for metal fillings with white fillings, which can improve your visual appearance and self-confidence. To find out more about these cosmetic dental treatments, please call for an appointment or complete the online enquiry form on our website. Our professional and friendly team will be happy to guide you through the options and advise you on any questions you may have.

Your choice in Derby: implants vs bridges

A missing tooth can be replaced in a number of different ways. One way is to use a dental bridge that is attached to the teeth either side of the missing tooth. While this is a common solution, it can reduce the lifespan of the other supporting teeth, sometimes significantly, as the supporting teeth must be shaved down in order to support the dental bridge. The average life of a dental bridge is also on average around 15 years.

dental-implants-derbyIn comparison, a dental implant can last up to 30 years or more, and is widely considered to be a more permanent and holistic solution to the problem of missing teeth, and is a solution we provide at our practice in Derby. Dental implants are placed onto the jawbone and create a fixed replacement tooth that is steady and unlikely to fall out, due to it being deeply rooted into the structure of the mouth. Not only do implants stay in more efficiently, but the jaw and surrounding tissue and blood vessels react to the implant in a similar way to the original tooth, meaning that after a short healing period, the dental implant becomes fused with the structure of the mouth.

Dental implants in Derby – what’s the catch

There’s no catch, come and speak to us at our practice in the centre of Derby. Dental implants are increasingly common as a solution for decayed or missing teeth and can help maintain the overall functionality of the mouth and prevent further damage due to jawbone and gum erosion. If you need multiple implants for a number of missing teeth, sometimes the dentist will recommend what is known as a fixed or stabilized denture. This means that instead of screwing each individual prosthetic tooth into your jaw, several points are chosen to anchor a denture or partial denture in your mouth, which becomes a permanent replacement fro multiple lost teeth.

is it straightforward?

Depending on the size and scale of your problem, dental implants in Derby at our practice could be a very simple affair, requiring few appointments and very little disturbance to the rest of the mouth. Once in place you can treat your implanted teeth just like normal teeth

Dove Dental – The place to go for cosmetic dentistry in Derby

Why are we known as the place to go for cosmetic dentistry in Derby? Our patients tell us that we are professional and positive, and that we treat them with respect, care and dignity. We also have reputation for putting our patients totally at ease, so that even the most dental-phobic of patients can enjoy visits with us, especially since we have created a state of the art practice with a relaxing environment and friendly reception team.

cosmetic-dentistry-derbyWe also like to explain things clearly in a no-nonsense way, so that you fully understand the treatment plan you undertake, without the jargon. We are efficient but yet we never rush our care and we are happy to answer any questions that patients have about their chosen cosmetic treatments so that they feel reassured and seen. Patients often remark that we are both professional and thorough as well as warm and inviting.

What can I expect from my cosmetic dentistry?

We have a range of cosmetic treatments available in our practice in Derby. Cosmetic dentistry covers a broad range of treatments that focus primarily upon the aesthetic element of your smile, but can also have some great side effects too.

For example, you may want a straighter smile and choose an orthodontic system, but did you know that this treatment can also improve your overall mouth health by making your teeth less tight/wonky and therefore easier to clean?

Did you know that treatments like veneers can remove the discoloration but also any light surface decay can be removed and a new surface placed on top with very strong glue that can make your veneer last for many years to come?

Did you know that some dental implant treatments can also help protect your other teeth and your gums against further decay and damage?

If you have any more questions about cosmetic dentistry in Derby, you can contact us. If you come for a consultation at our practice you will have the chance to explore all aspects of your treatment and find out what the outcome is that you want to achieve and how best to get there.


Dental implants: how they can change your life

Dental implants have been revolutionising the lives of people who have lost their natural teeth. Dove Dental Care in Derby offers implant solutions to replace anything from one to all of your teeth that gives you back a natural appearance and function.

dental-implants-derbyThe key difference between dental implants and standard dentures or dental bridges is that implants act as substitutes for the natural tooth roots. The tooth roots are important not just to keeping your teeth stable and secure, but also to keeping your jaw bone strong and healthy.

When the natural tooth roots are missing for any considerable time period, the jaw bone starts to resorb or shrink, which makes traditional dentures loose and unwieldy. Dental implants prevent this from happening because they sit directly in the jaw bone – just like natural roots – and continue to stimulate said bone to keep it healthy, strong, and dense.

Dove Dental Care in Derby offers dental implants treatment under both local anaesthetic and conscious sedation. Implant placement does require a small operation, but because this is intricately planned beforehand by your dentist to avoid any nerves whilst placing your dental implants in the optimum location to support your new teeth, most people can cope with this treatment using local anaesthesia.

Conscious sedation is a good option if dental phobia has contributed to your tooth loss. Whilst you won’t be asleep as you would be with general anaesthetic, you will be relaxed, peaceful, and most importantly free from any pain. The majority of patients who opt for dental implant placement under sedation remember very little about the procedure once the sedatives have worn off.

Derby dental implants options

At our Derby dental practice dental implants can be used in conjunction with dentures, bridgework, or single crowns, depending on your clinical need – the number of teeth that need to be replaced.

As soon as the dental implants are in position they start to integrate with the jaw bone. This process takes about six months to complete, during which time you may have temporary teeth fitted. After healing is complete, your Derby dentist will attach permanent teeth.

Dental implants: your questions answered

Using dental implants gives your dentist a permanent way to replace your missing teeth. In many ways they are a second chance at healthy adult teeth, and at Dove Dental in Derby we believe that in most situations they are the best solution to tooth loss.

dental-implants-derbyOf course, we also appreciate that investing in dental implants is a big decision, which is why we have gathered some frequently asked questions about dental implant treatment. If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with a member of our Derby dental implants team.

How many teeth can dental implants replace?

As many as required. Dove Dental in Derby offers a range of implant treatments designed to replace anything from one to all of your natural teeth – for life. Implants are bionic tooth roots that are combined with a bridge, a denture, or a single crown, depending on what your clinical situation is.

How exactly do implants work, and why are they better than standard dentures?

Dental implants are made from titanium, which is osteoconductive (meaning it is supportive of bone growth). After your Derby dentist has placed the required number of implants, the process of osseointegration starts, which sees new bone tissue and blood vessels grow around your dental implants. As well as keeping them, and thus your new teeth, firmly in place, it also keeps your jaw bone healthy and strong.

Because a shrinking jaw bone is the main reason behind ill-fitting dentures, implants actively prevent the issues loose dentures bring – difficulty eating, speaking, and negative effects on your confidence.

Does it hurt to have implants?

No. Any surgery may cause some discomfort for a few days afterwards, which can be managed by over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen. The actual surgery itself is a minor procedure that most patients at our Derby dental clinic only need local anaesthetic for.

How do I look after my dental implants?

Your Derby dentist will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions immediately after surgery. In the long term you need to practise good oral hygiene, brush your new teeth at least twice a day, and visit both your dentist and hygienist on a regular basis.

How cosmetic dentistry is making smile wishes come true

Cosmetic dentistry is a broad term covering a wide range of treatments that all have one thing in common: they are the stuff that smile dreams are made of. Dove Dental Care in Derby has an extensive cosmetic dentistry menu, and our skilled team of dentists enjoy nothing more than making those dreams come true – whatever that may entail.

cosmetic-dentistry-derbyNo matter what your issue with your present smile, a cosmetic dentistry consultation at our Derby dental clinic is the first step in transforming your dreams into reality. Your dentist will find out what your smile aspirations and wishes are, and will undertake a complete clinical examination so that they can recommend the best way to achieve it.

It might be that you benefit most from combining two or more procedures from the extensive cosmetic dentistry menu at our Derby clinic, or you may need just one treatment. Whatever you require, your Derby dentist will create a customised cosmetic dentistry treatment plan.

Some common cosmetic dentistry concerns, and the way your Derby dentist can help, include:

Misaligned teeth

Straighter teeth are high up on many patients’ cosmetic dentistry wish list, but metal braces tend to be rock bottom. That’s why at our Derby clinic we offer more discreet solutions. Your dentist may recommend Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces for rapid correction of issues affecting your front teeth, or Invisalign removable aligners for more extensive correction.

Discoloured teeth

Teeth whitening is cosmetic dentistry’s number one procedure, and is a safe and effective way of combating everyday stains such as those caused by coffee or red wine. It must only be carried out by a dentist. Whitening doesn’t work on permanent stains, but porcelain veneers often offer an effective solution.

Visible metal fillings

Metal amalgam fillings are strong but obvious. Your Derby dentist has a number of options for safely replacing them. These include white fillings, which are very strong and durable these days and particularly suited to front teeth; porcelain inlays and onlays, which are a good option when extra strength is required, and which are carefully shaped to fit your tooth; or crowns, when a tooth is badly weakened.

Could dental implants be the ideal solution to your tooth loss?

Dental implants are, in many cases, the perfect solution to missing teeth. At Dove Dental Care in Derby we can use implants to replace anything from one to all of your natural teeth, providing excellent long-term results in terms of both appearance and stability.

dental-implants-derbyThere are several benefits to dental implants when compared with other tooth replacement options. Perhaps the most important is the fact that they replace the roots of lost teeth – they are the only way a dentist can do this. As well as keeping your teeth secure, the roots also have an important role to play in the health of your jaw bone.

When several teeth are missing for any amount of time, your jaw bone will start to shrink. This makes traditional dentures loose and alters the structure of your face, making you look old before your time. Dental implants help to prevent this, because they act as artificial tooth roots. Made from titanium, your Derby dentist will place them in direct contact with your jaw bone, where they will instantly start to integrate.

Derby dental implants

We welcome patients for dental implant consultations at Dove Dental Care in Derby. We are firmly of the belief that missing teeth should always be replaced one way or another, to avoid more serious problems further down the line. Dental implants are, in our experience, usually the best way to do this.

When you come into our Derby clinic for a dental implants consultation, you will be seen by an experienced implant dentist, who will use x-rays and CT scans to assess your current level of bone density.

Your dentist will also discuss how many dental implants you will need. If it’s just one tooth that needs to be replaced, we will use one implant and one crown. In cases of multiple or all your teeth needing replaced, the good news is that you will seldom need as many implants as teeth.

A few precisely placed implants can usually support several teeth in crown or denture form. Temporary teeth may be fitted until integration is complete, typically after a few months.

Dental implants: advantages of permanent tooth replacement

With dental implants, your dentist can permanently replace your natural teeth. Dove Dental Care in Derby offers implant treatment to replace anything from one to all of your natural teeth, giving you back both an aesthetically pleasing smile and a fully functional jaw.

dental-implants-derbyAt our Derby dental practice we are always keen to encourage patients to replace any teeth they have lost, one way or another. More often than not, we find dental implants to be the ideal long-term solution.

When one tooth is lost, remaining teeth may become crooked and more difficult to clean by drifting into the gap. Additional strain will also be put on your remaining teeth when you bite and chew food. When once missing tooth becomes several or all missing teeth, your diet will be severely limited, and your speech and confidence are likely to suffer.

Dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. Unlike traditional dental bridgework or dentures, these small titanium screws or posts replace the root portions of natural teeth. They will integrate with the jaw bone and help to stop the jaw bone shrinking, which is the common reason standard dentures become loose.

At our Derby clinic, your implant dentist can use dental implants to stabilise your loose dentures, or can replace them with a permanently-attached implant-retained bridge. Implants require a few months to heal and mesh with your jaw bone. Once this process is complete you will be called back to our Derby dental practice to have your permanent new teeth attached.

Dental implants and the new teeth attached to them are designed to last you for many years – perhaps even for life. Just like natural teeth, they do require prudent dental hygiene – you need to take good care of them to ensure they stay with you for many years.

You will need to attend regular follow-up appointments with both the dentist and hygienist at our Derby clinic, because implants can be affected by plaque and gum disease in the same way that natural teeth can. Taking care of them isn’t difficult, and your hygienist will provide you with customised advice for cleaning.

Choose dental implants, choose to get your life back on track

There are several ways to replace missing teeth, but dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement solution. At Dove Dental Care in Derby we believe that they are also often the best choice, because they produce results that look and function just like natural teeth, enabling you to get on with enjoying your life without the concerns caused by loose dentures getting in the way.

dental-implants-derbyAs well as being a superior option to removable dentures, dental implants also trump standard dental bridges in many cases, because they don’t require any support from your other teeth. To fit a standard bridge your dentist needs to place either crowns or wings on teeth around the gap. Implant-retained bridges rely solely on the implant(s) for support. They can also support more teeth than a standard bridge.

Derby dental implants

We welcome patients of all ages for dental implants consultations at our Derby dental practice, whether they have lost one, some, or all of their natural teeth.

In cases of multiple tooth loss, it is seldom necessary to have as many dental implants as replacement teeth. Your Derby implant dentist will intricately plan the placement of your implants so that the minimal number can be used to support a full arch of teeth in bridge or denture form, if required.

Whilst implant surgery is fairly straightforward from the patient’s point of view, and usually only requires a local anaesthetic, our Derby clinic also offers implant placement under sedation for patients who are nervous about dental treatment.

If you have been struggling with loose dentures for a while, you may require an additional bone graft or sinus lift prior to the placement of your dental implants, to rebuild the density of your jaw bone and maximise your implants’ chances of success.

As long as you look after them, your dental implants and the new teeth attached to them should last you for many years – in some cases, even for life. Of course, you will need to attend regular check-ups and hygiene appointments to keep your new teeth in prime condition.