Smile brighter with Dove Dental

Feeling good and looking good go hand in hand and the confidence that comes from a winning smile goes a long way towards it. That is why at Dove Dental your smile is important to us. At our practice in Derby, cosmetic dentistry is put to good use bringing you a smile worth talking about. Stained, chipped or crooked teeth can all become a thing of the past with cosmetic dentistry in Derby.

teeth-whitening-derbyGo with Dove Dental

Whether you are looking to fix a single chipped tooth or completely transform the look of your teeth, we provide tailor made treatments to meet your personal needs. Involving you in the treatment planning process means you can make an informed decision and have all of your concerns addressed in the safe and friendly environment of our practice in Derby. Cosmetic dentistry comes with high expectations, which we strive not only to meet but also exceed.

For anxious patients we offer conscious sedation to help relax you. We are always looking to make your dental experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Cost can also be a source of stress, which is why a variety of payment plans are also on offer to lessen the burden.

Achieving the look you want

Advances in modern dentistry make getting the look you want for your teeth easier than ever before. At Dove Dental our range of cosmetic treatments use the latest dental techniques, materials and technology.

We offer almost invisible braces from Invisalign to straighten your teeth discreetly and without the hassle of fixed metal braces. Removable Invisalign aligners mean you can get on with eating, flossing and brushing your teeth with ease. For a complete smile makeover we also offer Six Month Smile clear aligners, which could have you sporting a new smile in just six months.

There are many paths to achieving that dream smile; in addition to invisible braces, we also provide veneers, crowns, bridges, tooth coloured fillings and teeth whitening. To find out which path is right for you visit us at Dove Dental – in our hands cosmetic dentistry in Derby will leave you smiling.