The war on sugar – Fizzy drinks.

Almost 1 in 3 adults are showing signs of tooth wear – this is due to a lot of acid and sugars in our diet. Many foods have hidden sugars, like certain fruit juices.

Fizzy drinks, including diet drinks, are responsible for tooth wear and decay in many children and young adults. Fizzy drinks are also having a bad affect on your general health.

Heart professor Graham Macgregor recently has told the Sun that “that people on such drinks don’t seem to lose the weight they should and a preference for sweet things increases calorie consumption”.

Graham Macgregor has also claimed that the Governemnet should tax fizzy drinks in light of these recent findings.

The Pro Enamel team at sensodyne have stated that as few as 4 acidic “moments” a day can put your enamel at risk.

Have a think about what your Acidic moments might be….

Do you drink full sugar or diet drinks throughout the day? – we would recommend that you stop drinking these and opt for water instead. If you are going to have a fizzy drink, try and limit it to once in a while and have it at meal times.

Do you use a nutribullet or a juicer daily or more? – juicing fruits that are highlty acidic such as limes, oranges, and pineapples will really attack your the enamel of your teeth.

Do you snack on sweeties? – Many sweets on the market are highly acidic, particulary chewy fruity sweets.

Gym fanatic? – what are your pre – workout energy boosts? Many sports pre work out juices and powders are full of sugar and acidic. Drinks like red bull and monster not only wreak havoc your teeth but can also affect your health if you are drinking too much on a daily basis.

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