The War on Sugar

Sugar has been grabbing the attention of the UK recently. The government and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver are leading very vocal campaigns after shocking statistics of sugar consumption have come to light.

The British medical association have called for 20 per cent tax on sugary drinks last month, however the government do not agree that this is the way forward.

The cheif executive of NHS England, Simon steven’s, recommends that supermarkets should charge more for their sugary drinks and junk food.

The government have made it clear that supermarkets should volunteer to lead the war on sugar and increase the costs rather than inflation of our taxes.

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver has been heavily involved in campaigns that highlight the health risks that excesive sugar consumption imposes.

Jamie has also been critcised by the media for the sugar content in some of the meals served at “Jamie’s Kitchens” which are his chain of restaurants in many locations around the UK.

Jamie has since then stated that his Menu’s have been reviewed and change regularly dependingon the season.

Jamie has visited many schools to raise awareness against sugar – look out for his film “sugar rush” which will be aired this month.

We would always advise parents to look out for hidden sugars in foods that are tinned or in Jars. Always check the labels and try to cook fresh produce meals where possible and drink water with meals.

Just when people are finally realising that fizzy juice, fresh juice and excessive acidic fruit intake is harmful, we discover that many savoury processed foods are packed with sugar.

Pasta sauces and brands that are family favourites such as Heinz soups, and the most basic and natural cereals have sugars in them.

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