Top Ten reasons to visit the Dentist

A visit to the dentist for a dental examination should be in our diaries twice year, so why is this not the case for everyone? The gold star answer for this is that your dentist says you have fantastic dental health and only need to have an examination once every year.

The truth is, many of us will only make a dental appointment if we are having problems, which for many can turn a Dental visit into a Dental Phobia. We have decided to Blog our top ten reasons to visit the dentist for routine examinations because we know that these reasons help you to maintain great dental health, prevent future problems and ease dental phobia.

1.  Keep your teeth for longer

Many adults worry about losing their teeth at some stage in their lifetime, visiting us will help you hold on to your teeth. By attending regular examination appointments you will be maintaining the bony ridges that support your teeth. Not only is this important for your existing teeth, but also for any missing teeth that may have been a result of trauma or dental neglect in the past. If you are considering an implant for a missing tooth, then your bone needs to be strong and healthy.

2.  Prevent periodontal disease

Brushing twice a day is more effective when it is combined will good oral hygiene instruction and professional cleaning. Many of us miss areas on those ‘hard to reach’ tooth surfaces such as our back teeth and behind our lower front teeth. It doesn’t take long for the bacteria in these areas to form hard plaque that we cannot remove with a toothbrush. If this plaque is left in place for long periods of time it will cause gum disease which increases the risk of you losing teeth in the future. Regular hygiene appointments will prevent plaque building up, keeping your gums and teeth healthy.

 3.   Spot the early signs of Gum disease

Time is crucial where gum disease is concerned. Severe gum disease cannot be reversed. Signs of early gum disease are bleeding gums and bad breath caused by bacteria building up around and in between the teeth. Visiting the hygienist and a good oral health routine can bring this under control, if these symptoms are left then they will become progressively worse causing loose teeth and ultimately, the loss of teeth.

4.  Regular visits can help reduce Dental phobia

Being scared of the dentist is no joke. People have very real reasons why past experiences in the dental chair have put them off attending routine appointments. It is important for dentists and patients to build up trust and there’s no better way to do this than attending for regular examinations. We have a duty to make sure our patients feel at ease with us and that any treatment required is discussed and agreed before it is carried out. We don’t want to hurt you, we communicate with our patients so that any treatment carried out by us is as painless and as comfortable as possible for our patients. Once trust is restored, a patient can begin to overcome Dental phobia.

5Oral cancer screening

Only a Dental practitioner can carry out a thorough oral examination and catch the signs of oral cancer early. We carry out a full mouth oral cancer screen at every examination appointment, this also includes examining around the head and neck glands for any abnormalities.

6. Your mouth can reveal signs of underlying conditions that you are unaware of.

Systemic conditions such as Diabetes and Hypertension are among a few that a dental practitioner can spot at your routine dental examination. Doctors do not look in peoples mouths as often as a dentist does.

7.  Whiter teeth

Stubborn staining caused by smoking and certain food and drinks can be removed using a water scaler and specific pastes only available to a dental practitioner. Having this carried out at least once a year will help restore your teeth to their natural whiteness. Considering a brighter whiter smile? the most effective whitening products and treatments are only available at your dentist.

8.  Your children will benefit from regular routine visits to the dentist.

You will be setting the best example possible to your children by bringing them along to routine examination appointments. This allows your child to develop a positive view of visiting the dentist, preventing future fears from forming. With recent media reports showing an increase in child decay rate, attending the dentist can catch any signs of decay early. Preventative advice and treatment such as sealants can be given and any orthodontic issues can be monitored and settled.

9Save money

By attending your routine dental examinations you are more likely to catch a problem with a tooth early. Often people may have underlying decay that they are not aware of until it is painful which normally results in a large filling or Root treatment. Routine examinations and x-rays can reveal decay when it is early, keeping the treatment and cost minimal. Paying into monthly practice plans can also be cost effective, giving you the option to spread the cost of your routine examinations and hygiene visits over a year and a discount on any future treatment you may require.

10  Save lost time at work

Surveys carried out have revealed that poor dental health are one of the reasons that keep people from going to work. Dental pain and secondary infections can result in serious sickness and an extensive treatment plan at the dentist. This means lots of time off work for appointments which can cause stress for people who are self employed or work to deadlines. Attending the dentist regularly will stop problems from building up as they can be treated as they are identified, making it less likely for return appointments for treatment.

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