Your choice in Derby: implants vs bridges

A missing tooth can be replaced in a number of different ways. One way is to use a dental bridge that is attached to the teeth either side of the missing tooth. While this is a common solution, it can reduce the lifespan of the other supporting teeth, sometimes significantly, as the supporting teeth must be shaved down in order to support the dental bridge. The average life of a dental bridge is also on average around 15 years.

dental-implants-derbyIn comparison, a dental implant can last up to 30 years or more, and is widely considered to be a more permanent and holistic solution to the problem of missing teeth, and is a solution we provide at our practice in Derby. Dental implants are placed onto the jawbone and create a fixed replacement tooth that is steady and unlikely to fall out, due to it being deeply rooted into the structure of the mouth. Not only do implants stay in more efficiently, but the jaw and surrounding tissue and blood vessels react to the implant in a similar way to the original tooth, meaning that after a short healing period, the dental implant becomes fused with the structure of the mouth.

Dental implants in Derby – what’s the catch

There’s no catch, come and speak to us at our practice in the centre of Derby. Dental implants are increasingly common as a solution for decayed or missing teeth and can help maintain the overall functionality of the mouth and prevent further damage due to jawbone and gum erosion. If you need multiple implants for a number of missing teeth, sometimes the dentist will recommend what is known as a fixed or stabilized denture. This means that instead of screwing each individual prosthetic tooth into your jaw, several points are chosen to anchor a denture or partial denture in your mouth, which becomes a permanent replacement fro multiple lost teeth.

is it straightforward?

Depending on the size and scale of your problem, dental implants in Derby at our practice could be a very simple affair, requiring few appointments and very little disturbance to the rest of the mouth. Once in place you can treat your implanted teeth just like normal teeth