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Facial Cosmetic Treatment » Derma Roller Therapy

Derma Roller Therapy


Derma Roller therapy is a non surgical procedure that rejuvenates the skin and reduces the appearance of very fine lines and wrinkles. It is also a successful treatment for reducing the appearance of sun damaged areas of the skin and acne scarring.

The Derma Roller itself is a device that has micro-needles within the roller that produce tiny punctures as it rolls over the area of skin that you would like to improve. The purpose of this is that your skin will naturally begin to repair itself from below the surface, generating new skin cells and enhancing the appearance of your skin.

The results can take from the day after treatment to 6 weeks to become visible. After this period your skin will continue to repair itself, giving you a lasting rejuvenated appearance.

We would invite you along to the practice to discuss the area of your skin that you are interested in being treated. Depending on your skin, we may need to carry out a few Derma Roller treatments on the proposed area.

To make the treatment comfortable we will apply a topical anaesthetic to your skin 30 minutes prior to the Derma Roller therapy. Your appointment will last approximately 1 hour.

Appropriate advice and aftercare is given tailored to you after your initial Derma Roller Therapy appointment is completed.