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Anxious Patients

When i brush my teeth my gums occasionally bleed. Does this matter?

Any bleeding from the gums is usually a sign that there is some gum infection. this means they are not healthy.

so if my gums don't bleed when i brush them, does that mean that every thing is o.K? not necessarily, there could be areas where the gums are unhealthy in places that your toothbrush cannot reach, such as in between the teeth. My gums don't hurt so does it matter if they are a bit unhealthy or inflamed as you put it? gum disease very rarely hurts, even in the more advanced stages. therefore it is important to have a detailed "gum check" by your dentist or hygienist.

I'm worried about cross infection, can you reassure me?

As patients you are entitled to expect complete safety while in one of our surgeries. We ensure that the highest standards of cross-infection controls are adhered to. We use a blend of methods to ensure that teach surgery environment achieves and supersedes our clinical standards. All of our staff, clinical and non-clinical, are trained and regularly updated in cross-infection control procedures. We have a written statement of cross infection control policy, which is regularly audited.

After every patient, all instruments are sterilised with an autoclave, and other surgical items are supplied ready sterilised and disposed of after use. We endeavour to use disposable items only, even though there they are often a more expensive option.

It might sound silly, but i feel afraid of going to the dentists, is there anyone i can talk to about this?

At Dove Dental Care we pride ourselves on having a sympathetic and understanding approach to all our patients.

We understand that everyone is different and that you may have specific fears and worries that we can help you to overcome. you are not alone, about 40% of the population does not regularly attend the dentists, many because of fears or phobias. We believe that regular dental treatment is important for everyone.

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